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We hold annual photo sessions in early spring each year in Bristol and Cardiff to update photos and measurements, but you can apply year round to be on our books.

Please note that Phoenix Casting does not register children under the age of 16.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our ‘Current’ book is now open year round to join. However, the way we are running our annual ‘Registration’ Sessions this year has changed from previous years! What we used to call ‘Registration Sessions’ are now known as ‘Photo Sessions’. DATES FOR THE 2020 PHOTO SESSIONS ARE: CARDIFF: 2nd - 6th February and BRISTOL: 9th - 13th February
We have ONE book from which we source all artistes for work irrelevant of whether you have had the opportunity to attend a photo session in person or not. There is no GENERAL / REGIONAL / REGISTERED, everyone is on the same database and offered the same opportunities (as long as your profile is up to date). You no longer have to attend in person to be accepted on to our books, as long as your profile is fully completed you are able to be considered for a position on the books and/or work.
All artistes who have worked for us in the last three years or recently logged into or created their accounts will receive an email before the New Year, explaining the new Photo Session process for 2020. PLEASE RESPOND to this email so we know whether or not you are actively looking for work. Everyone will be offered the opportunity to select if they would or would not like to be considered to attend a Photo session in person. Those artistes who DO wish to attend will be reviewed by Phoenix Staff in the New Year and an invite to a Photo session will be politely offered/declined, depending on this assessment.
If you wish to be on the current book but do not select to attend a photo session OR are not offered a space at a photo session you must do the following: Upload one ‘headshot’ photo and one 3/4 length photo to section 10 of your profile. If you’ve had photos taken at previous Phoenix photo sessions and they are a true likeness still, you are encouraged to keep the Phoenix photos on your profile. Ensure accurate, up to date measurements are entered in Section 10 of your profile. More information can be found on your profile about how to take accurate measurements.
The decision is yours, we urge you to take into consideration the following: How far do you have to travel to attend a photo session? If you are not based in Wales/South West and are not willing to accept work regularly in this area, we suggest that you do not attend in persons as this is where the majority of our work takes place. How current and accurate are the photos and measurements on your profile? Do your photos (in section 10 of your profile) match the criteria we request ‐ i.e. clear, against a plain background, professional style, head shot and 3/4 or full length. Do you have time and flexibility to accept work through us? Do you have or are you willing to apply for a DBS certificate (this will greatly improve your chances of work).
You will receive an email in the New Year letting you know if you‘ve been offered a space or not at a Phoenix Photo session (based on your response to our email). There are a variety of factors that we will take into consideration when offering spaces at the Phoenix photo sessions, if you are not offered a space, we urge you to please not take it personally or offensively, the likelihood is that we feel your profile is suitable enough that you needn‘t attend! Please note that we are unfortunately unable to offer individual explanations.
We do not charge any upfront fee and you do not have to pay to be on our books. If you attend a photo session in person, a one-off fee of £35 (plus VAT) will be deducted from one of your first payments for work. This fee will be valid for one year from the date of your Phoenix photo session. If you sign up online and do not attend a photo session, the fee is £20 (plus VAT) which will be deducted from one of your first payments for work. This fee will be valid for 1 year from 13th February 2020 (irrelevant of when you sign up during the year). If you sign up but do not receive work, you will not be charged. Please note all work is ALSO subject to commission + VAT