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Phoenix Spring Update

Hi all,

Welcome to the Spring Phoenix update!

With sunny days just around the corner we thought it would be the perfect time to fill you in on everything happening here at Phoenix, as well as a reminder and some pointers on how to give your profiles a good spring clean!

We have a very busy year on the horizon, with lots of new and returning productions heading our way.

The Bottleyard studios (where our head office is based) in Bristol is expanding, which means MANY more productions, and a huge growth in demand for our wonderful SA’s and as ever South Wales continues to be a hotbed of new filming activity across its various fabulous studios.

It’s more important than ever that your account is ship shape and ready for the flurry of requests that are coming our way.


Your profile has had a makeover! We’ve made a LOT of changes to help you navigate your profile over the past few months, and even more changes have just been made.

You’ll now be able to:

  • Add availability breaks in your profile, so you’ll only have shoutouts for when you’re free.

  • Check in on your profile! You’ll no longer need to email us to know you have good upcoming availability. If you know you’re going to be very free and are ready to get into work, you can now press ‘CHECK IN’ to be added to our ‘checked in’ list.

  • Freeze your account. If you’re going to be unavailable for an extended period of time, you’ll be able to freeze your account on your profile, this will mean you won’t be sent shoutouts during this time. Once you’re back and ready for work, you can login and unfreeze your account.

There are many more exciting changes in the pipeline…watch this space!

It is important to keep your profiles up to date with all of your current information. Most important is of course your contact details, so we can check you out for work/send any relevant information.

Bank Details - Please be sure that you’ve checked your bank details, otherwise we won't be able to pay you! Please triple check these and make sure that the name on your account, as well as the sort code and account number all match up. Business accounts need to have the name of the business as the acount name.

Photos - Your Phoenix photos are the first thing productions see when they assess your suitability for productions. It is vital that these photos are of good quality, and a true reflection of your current look. If you have a Phoenix photo from a previous registration taken in the past 3 years, and it still represents your current look, including hair length, colour, and for men, facial hair, please KEEP IT as your profile picture. Professional quality photos are always preferable to a snapshot or amateur picture. For more guidance, please see our Photo Guide

It's worth noting that in the 'Photos, Selfies and Media' section, your PROFILE PHOTOS are the first two photos that production will see. You can still add extra photos into the portfolio/selfie sections, but these won't be automatically seen by production.

Measurements - Please also check your measurements in the ‘Vitals and costume measurements’ section of your profile. These can fluctuate regularly, so it's good practice to get into the habit of frequently checking the information in still accurate. For more guidance, please see our Measurement Guide.

We’ve given you the autonomy to change your profile pictures, so please make sure you login and update your profile regularly. This is especially important for men. If you’ve grown your hair out and look like you’ve popped off the set of Vikings, but your profile picture shows you looking like a Peaky Blinder, we aren’t going to ask you to be in anything where longer hair is required.

The more up to date your profile is, the more likely you are to get job offers. As well as being confident your profile is up to date, by logging into your profile you’ll appear on our ‘recently logged in’ search. We use this search when we are specifically looking for active SA’s who we can be sure have up to date info. Don’t panic, you don’t have to log in every day, but if you log in and check your profile is up to date once every few months, you’ll appear on the list!


As we mentioned in a previous email, Jimmy Image has worked his magic to provide some alternative options to our photo sessions for those of you who would like fresh (Phoenix approved) headshots! These headshots would be yours to own, to use on your Phoenix profile and however else you wish.

We’d like to stress that this is by no means compulsory, if you’d prefer to take the images yourself, or keep your old images (providing they’re a good representation of your current look), you’re more than welcome to do so but we've had many artists contact us asking who to go to for photos so Jimmy has come up with a special offer ONLY available for Phoenix members.

If you’d like to hear more about this offer, please login with the info below:

Jimmy Image – Login

Password: Phoenix22


We’d love to hear from you! We’d love it if you could spend a moment to write a review on our Facebook and/or Google account. If you haven’t got time to write a review, even leaving a rating would be a great help. We’d also love to include your testimonials on our website, so please be sure to leave your name with the review!

Thank you to all of you who worked with us through 2021. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to work with us last year, we’re sorry, and we will endeavour to get you on some of the exciting upcoming projects heading our way.

Thanks so much, and here’s to a busy 2022,

Team Phoenix