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It is officially spring and in turn, the start of the 2024 book year at Phoenix Casting. We are really looking forward to a busy year of productions ahead and we can’t wait to work with you.

Just to remind you all, that your first booking undertaken from 1st March onwards will be subject to the one off additional deduction of our annual book fee (from 2024 this fee will be £30 + VAT). This fee covers hosting your profile and photos on our website for 12 months along with the admin costs involved in finding and booking you for work. No fee is payable upfront and if you do not accept any work in this period, you will not be charged.

Please note that commission is still due on ALL engagements.

Here are some general tips/information/links that will be useful for you and hopefully ensure your profile is in ship shape for the coming year!

Firstly, please note that the main pay agreements have all been updated recently, you can find a breakdown of them all here - we always list what agreement a production is working on in the shoutout, so please familiarise yourselves with the figures for these.

As always, it is of utmost importance that all of the details on your Phoenix profile are up to date! We often update your profiles to ask new questions, so you should regularly log in and ensure that everything is complete. Lots of people think they’ve filled everything in but actually haven’t, so take the time to go through with a fine tooth comb!

It is incredibly important of course that the profile photos and the measurements we store on file are current. The profile photos are sent to every job you’re booked on and the production will expect you to look like your photo when you arrive.

It is also worth stressing the importance of including the following information in particular:

  • Any medical requirements or conditions that you may have. We want to ensure the safety of all artists whilst working, so informing us and production of any conditions in advance is important. Please also be sure to include any allergies.

  • Notes on your medical details will not prohibit you from working with us, but will help us ensure that productions are made aware prior to your filming and therefore will be able to organise any additional support or safety measures as needed.

  • Emergency contacts. We hope that we never need to use them, but in case of an emergency on set, you must give us the name and number of someone we can call.

  • If you are a driver/have a vehicle. As many locations are not accessible by public transport at the early start times required, if you can drive, it is important that you list this and include all license information.

  • Any additional bases you may have in the country, you can add multiple addresses to your profiles if you have bases to stay in other areas, thereby ensuring you will be included in searches in these regions.

  • ALL sizes requested, a lot of people only complete the basics, but our searches are usually based on some of the more intricate sizing information so please be sure to properly measure correctly and regularly.

We’ve recently noticed a rise in artists texting to ask questions/pass on information regarding bookings. Please note that our text system is on a computer, we only access messages during office hours and do not check for unsolicited message (only direct replies). If you have a query, please email your booker.

If you have an issue regarding filming and/or are unable to honour a booking at short notice you MUST call the office. We have an emergency contact on call at all times, but obviously please give us as much notice as possible if an issue arises.

We also want to stress the importance of bringing costume options to set with you when asked. If required to provide your own clothes for filming, you will be sent a costume brief, either directly from production, or sent with your call details the working day before. You will sometimes be asked to bring options to costume fittings also, please ensure you take along whatever has been requested. If you have been asked for something specific that you do not own, please contact us urgently so we can let production know in advance.

We are looking forward to a really busy 2024 with lots of new productions starting now and over the next few months, so we hope to be in touch very soon.

Our books are open all year round to new members, aged 16 and over so please encourage any friends or family who are interested in getting any on set experience to sign up! We are particularly looking to recruit: fluent Welsh speakers, artists with a ‘period drama’ look, artists from a diverse background, LGBTQIA+ artists.

Please note that there has been a slight update to our Phoenix T&Cs recently, to view these again, please check here