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Production News

It's wonderful to see our industry booming again after what has been a difficult year or so. Since summer 2020 when productions began to make their return, we have continually endeavoured to put processes in place to ensure we can help productions as they rise to the new and ongoing challenges that the impact of COVID-19 and social distancing rules create on set.

We ensure all Phoenix artistes understand industry guidelines, health and safety procedures on set and agree to do their part in reducing transmission of COVID-19.

  • All artistes must agree to T&C's that include covid safety before accepting a booking for any job.
  • We have household groups and ‘bubbles’ to help facilitate production requirements.
  • We are able to contact each artiste directly to convey any Covid-19 requirements and procedures for each individual production.

We have adapted as the industry adjusts to the new ways of working and are here to support the industry as it navigates its way through changing waters of the pandemic.

Our bespoke real time Lookbook casting facility lends itself well to the processes required for distance working as does our Phoenix app and we continue to go above and beyond to always meet production requirements. As ever we use our expertise and experience to ensure we build a strong understanding of project requirements, suggesting and supplying suitable artistes for you.

If you have a project on the horizon do contact us, we can help.