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How do you use my profile photos?

Your profile photos are your selling point. They will be used by productions to choose who they wish to book. It is in your best interest to ensure good quality photos are uploaded to give yourself the best chance of being picked.

If you have your own professional photos, please use them, however, we need a realistic representation of you (as you look day to day), and we do not expect you to invest in pro shots if you don't wish to. If you take the time to take photo's specifically for the purpose of your Phoenix profile, you should be able to achieve the required style.

It is best to use JPG format though we do also accept png or heic.

1. If you attended a Phoenix photo session your photos will look like this. Tick

Professional Head Shot 1 Professional Head Shot 2

2. If you are uploading your own photos it is best to emulate the above as much as possible. Tick

Head Shot 1 Head Shot 2

3. If you cannot emulate a Phoenix photo session photo, there are still other ways of getting a good photo. Tick

Head Shot 3 Head Shot 4

4. When you first create an account you will be asked for a head shot and a full body shot. Try to make your full body photo look similar to this: Tick

Professional full body Shot 1 Professional Full body shot 2

5. Please consider the following when taking your photos

  • Take the time to take photo's specifically for your Phoenix profile
  • Show your face in clear bright light
  • Make sure the photos are IN COLOUR
  • Have a PLAIN background if possible (white or grey are ideal), or if not a 'back drop' of some kind looking professional in style
  • If you have long hair, wear it down so that we can see the length.
  • Please smile in one of your shots if possible ‐ we need to see your teeth
  • Avoid wearing Black if possible
  • Avoid wearing baggy clothing/high necks ‐ we need to see your body shape!
  • Please wear clothing! You can upload underwear shots, if you so wish, to the media section of your profile but they're not suitable as your MAIN photos.

6. We cannot accept photos that:

  • Don't show you close up and clearly
  • Are landscape, your profile photos should be portrait format
  • That are not current (i.e. taken more than a year ago)
  • Have other people in them
  • Are from another agency
  • Are filtered
  • Selfies. You may be asked for selfies by production, but these are not suitable as your main photo. Please get someone else to take your profile photos.

We cannot accept photos similar to the following examples: Cross

Black and white Head Shot Head Shot with other people Head Shot with filter Head Shot with puppy and friend