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Why do you need my measurements?

We need accurate measurements from you as costume departments will use them to source costumes for you. This applies to modern day productions as well as period dramas.

It is important for you to enter all the measurements we have requested, in inches (feet and inches for height). For shoe size please enter UK sizing.

It is important that you’re honest, there is no point fudging the figures as that could lead to lost work and a big headache for us and the costume department.

Please do make sure you check your measurements regularly; we all fluctuate so it’s important to keep us up to date.

How to take your measurements:

It is best for someone else to take your measurements for you. It is almost impossible to get accurate measures if you try and DIY it.

  • You'll need a soft seamstress/Tailor/Sewing measuring tape.

  • You'll need to be wearing minimum clothing, measuring over bulky clothing will bring up incorrect results.

  • When measuring, make sure the tape isn’t pulled tight, it should be resting gently with a touch of give (you don’t want your outfits to look or feel too snug!)

  • When measuring your chest, make sure your arms are down, shoulders relaxed and don’t hold your breath!

  • Inside leg measurements for Men are from groin to knuckle of ankle.

  • Give yourself a touch extra when measuring your neck, you don’t want to feel strangled in your costume.

  • Full hip measurements for Women is around the fullest part of the bottom, no trying to tuck in!

  • Top hip measurements for Women is over your hip bones, across the fleshy parts at the sides.

  • Waist measurements for Men and Women is your natural waist that sits just below the rib cage.

  • Glove size is XS,S,M,L or XL

See below for pictorial guides of where to measure:

Female body measurements Male body measurements